Shaver Shebang

Shaver Shebang replacements for Panasonic ES-4L03 and WES-4L03 concentrate

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Usage instructions provided in 10 languages!
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You will receive packets of concentrate that will make replacements for Panasonic ES-4L03 and WES-4L03 concentrate packets and a free Shebang mixing bottle*. Each Shaver Shebang packet replaces 3.5 Panasonic packets.

Shaver Shebang™ improved all-natural formula. It's a huge money saver!

Why is Shaver Shebang the best shaver cleaner on the market? We are experts in self-cleaning shaving systems. We collaborated with chemists at a leading private label cleaning products manufacturer to create advanced universal shaver cleaners. 

Usage instructions provided in 10 languages! English, Español, Français, Português, Deutsch, Italiano, русскийй, العربية,简体中文, עִברִית


Panasonic WES-4L03 and ES-4L03 Shaver Shebang for Braun Clean & Renew
Cleans and lubricates Yes Yes
Moisturizes and lubricates the face No Yes
Frequent use for better shaves Expensive Affordable
Environmental impact More Packaging Less Packaging
Made proudly in the USA Made in the USA No Yes
 Free Shaver Shebang mixing and storage bottle

Customers in the U.S. receive a free bottle with purchase of Shaver Shebang. Perfect for mixing and storing a batch of solution.  

Not available to international customers. Why? We would have to charge an extra $10.75 for shipping, so we recommend that you recycle any well cleaned plastic bottle. Water, milk and juice bottles are excellent candidates.

Shaver Shebang for Panasonic WES-4L03 and ES-4L03 One packet of Shaver Shebang concentrate replaces
3.5 Panasonic WES-4L03 and ES-4L03 packets.
Shaver Shebang packet pouring for Panasonic WES-4L03 and ES-4L03 Center the back of the packet against the bottle opening then bend.
Shaver Shebang mixing bottle for Philips Norelco Jet Clean

Fill a 500 ml/16 oz bottle ¾ with water, add a packet of Shaver Shebang™, then fill to the top with water and shake. Fill the shaving system's base to the usual level.

Use a Shaver Shebang bottle or even better, use a well rinsed water, milk or juice bottle. You can use a 1000 ml/ 32 oz bottle with two Shaver Shebang packets.

Click to download instructions in 10 languages.

Shaver Shebang™ is not compatible with Panasonic cartridge cleaning models.
Only use Shaver Shebang™ if your model already uses a concentrated liquid cleaner.

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Shaver Shebang replacements for Panasonic ES-4L03 and WES-4L03 concentrate
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