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Why should I trust these reviews?

The first question that you should ask when you see any review site is, "How do I know that I can trust the reviews? How is the writer qualified?" Well, we're glad that you asked!

Shaver Shebang was not developed in a vacuum. We have a large test array of shavers that have been through more and more varied shaving cycles than most other reviewers can claim. The only exception may be organizations like Consumer Reports. Some of our experience may be even better than theirs. Consumer Reports has more comprehensive testing procedures, but they use new equipment over a more limited time period. Our test array consists mostly of older equipment that is more susceptible to problems. Some of that array is equipment that we've bought from users with problems, so that we could identify their problem and improve Shaver Shebang accordingly. We have also talked to a large number of customers about their experience. To top it off, we've also surveyed Consumer Reports and other trusted sources like Amazon product reviews.

How we chose systems to review

Shavers without self-cleaning systems are not reviewed Our reviews do not include shavers without self-cleaning systems. We don't have anything against those shavers, but since Shaver Shebang works with self-cleaning systems, those are the ones that we reviewed. However, there are similar shavers without self-cleaning bases and much of what we say also applies to them. As long as you regularly clean and lubricate them well, these shavers will perform to the same standard as the self-cleaning variety. Focus on value Most lines of self-cleaning shavers have multiple models at different price points. The more expensive versions have pretty bells and whistles that have absolutely nothing to do with shave quality. Shaver Shebang is about saving money, so if you're reading this you probably share our philosophy about not wasting good money on useless features. For that reason, we usually review the bottom of the line system. As long as the replacement head and blades are the same, the shave is the same.

You can't go wrong

Ultimately, reviews like these have to be subjective to some degree. In a world where there are an infinite number of different skin types, beard types and speed of beard growth, there is room for disagreement. This reviewer is pretty much average in every way. Average skin type, average beard texture, average beard density and average speed of beard growth. And just like the average American, I tend to shave every morning. The good news is that with one exception, the shaving systems in this review are competent products. Even that system shaves well, but falls short because of the trimmer and cleaning system. So don't agonize over your choice too much because you'll most likely be satisfied.

Rating system

Remember when you were in school and the teacher graded on a curve? Did you want to be compared to others, or did you want to be judged on your own merits? The same issue exists here. Most people simply want to learn what's best with the least effort, so they prefer a way to compare. That requires grading on a curve. Then again, many people prefer to understand the shaving systems based on its own merits. That's why every shaver system has two ratings. The first set of Shebangs is based on our order of preference. We balance shave quality and price. Basically a shebang for buck approach. The second rating judges the system on its own merits without regards to price. Even though we're all about the cleaning, how well the cleaner system works is not a factor because all but one system do a pretty decent job of cleaning. To keep it simple for those in a rush, we're also providing a Quick Purchase Cheat Sheet.