Shaver Shebang Instructions for Panasonic WES-4L03 and ES-4L03

Shaver Shebang for Panasonic WES-4L03 and ES-4L03 One packet of Shaver Shebang concentrate replaces
3.5 Panasonic WES-4L03 and ES-4L03 packets.
Shaver Shebang packet pouring for Panasonic WES-4L03 and ES-4L03 Center the back of the packet against the bottle opening then bend.
Shaver Shebang mixing bottle for Philips Norelco Jet Clean

Fill a 500 ml/16 oz bottle ¾ with water, add a packet of Shaver Shebang™, then fill to the top with water and shake. Fill the shaving system's base to the usual level.

Use a Shaver Shebang bottle or even better, use a well rinsed water, milk or juice bottle. You can use a 1000 ml/ 32 oz bottle with two Shaver Shebang packets.

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Shaver Shebang™ is not compatible with Panasonic cartridge cleaning models.
Only use Shaver Shebang™ if your model already uses a concentrated liquid cleaner.