Braun Series 7 760cc Pulsonic® Shaver

System Rating 4.5 Shebangs - Braun Series 7 760cc Pulsonic® Shaver

System Rating

Shebang for Buck 3.5  - Braun Series 7 760cc Pulsonic® Shaver

Shebang for Buck

Previously Braun's flagship. Close and smooth.

Braun Series 7 760cc Pulsonic® Shaver
Once upon-a-time before I had a bunch to choose from, this was my daily shaver. I still use it occasionally just to confirm that I still prefer the Panasonic 8700. The preference remains steady, but it is an incredibly close call. The results of the shave are similar, but the process of getting there is a bit faster and feels a tiny bit smoother with the Panasonic. An obvious difference is that the Panasonic is a rotary while the Braun is a foil shaver. They are both excellent shavers and my preferences are purely subjective.

The 760cc really excels at getting into the tough corner with the nose. The almost squarish edge seems made for that spot.

There are three settings for extra sensitive, normal and intensive shaves. That's seems to be a bit of hype. The users manual recommends the intensive mode for day-to-day shaving. Extra sensitive takes the longest and requires more strokes.

The trimmer works well as expected. That's true for all of the shavers that we've reviewed except for the Philips Norelco 9000 series.

The biggest drawback is that it only charges in the base. Most other shavers in this review can also plug directly into the wall. That could be a big issue for the road warriors out there that go on long trips. Of course, then you could go back to the last centrury and use a blade and shaving cream.

Like all of those systems, the self-cleaning feature works well. Great results if you clean after every one or two shaves, and perhaps three shaves if you have a lighter beard. If you take longer between cleanings, it is best to shake out the loose debris first.

Why only 3 Shebangs for the Buck? While providing one of the best shaves, all of the shavers in this review provide a very good shave while the 760CC is one of the priciest. If you live for that 1-2 hours where your skin is baby-butt smooth, buy this shaver. However, once stubble is barely detectable, your face will feel about the same.

Key Features of The Braun Series 7 790cc Electric Shaver:

  • Intelligent Pulsonic technology that produces 10,000 micro vibrations in every stroke for close shaves
  • Personalization feature that allows you to choose from sensitive, normal, and intense shaving modes
  • Flexible cutting elements to adapt to facial contours
  • Triple action cutting system
  • Advanced cutting elements to reduce skin irritation 
  • Middle trimming blade that captures difficult hairs and promotes smooth shaves
  • Pivoted head shaving for comfortable shaves and more skin contact 
  • LED battery light indicator (6 levels) as well as a shaver hygiene status and foil replacement indicator
  • UltraActive Lift oscillating trimmer lifts and cuts problem hairs
  • Durable lithium ion battery
  • 6 piece set including the shaver, cleaning unit, cleaning cartridge 170mL (5.7-fluid ounce), brush, electric cord, and travel case
  • Built-in PowerDrive that adds 20% more motor power
  • Flex Optifoil for precision shaving with less shaving contact, reducing skin irritation
  • Includes a slide-out precision trimmer for beards and mustaches 
  • Engineered in Germany and lab tested to last for 7 years
  • 45 minutes of shaving time and 5 minute quick charge for last minute shaves
  • smart plug that can accommodate voltage ranging from 100v to 240v. 
  • Easily accessible and convenient portability
  • Fully washable and waterproof

Braun’s Clean & Charge Station

The Braun Series 7 models are paired with the new Clean & Charge station that offers convenience and simplicity. Simply hook up your shaver to the Clean & Renew station, and your shaver will be ready for the next shave in a matter of minutes. The Clean & Charge station cleans and sterilizes your shaver with an alcohol-based solution, which Braun claims to eliminate 99.99% of germs and bacteria. In addition, this new system lubricates, dries, and charges your shaver.  

Features of Braun’s Clean & Charge Station 

  • Lubricates with each cleaning for longer lasting cutting efficiency
  • Cleans significantly more hygienically than tap water. Noticeably more comfortable on skin
  • Charges for maximum battery power at all times
  • Intelligent cleaning program selection for economical fluid consumption