Shaver Shebang Instructions for Braun Clean and Renew®

One packet replaces 3 Braun Clean and Renew® cartridges. 

Shaver Shebang packet pouring for Philips Norelco Jet Clean Center the back of the packet against the bottle opening then bend.
Isopropyl Alcohol

Mix with Isopropyl Alcohol

Mix one packet of Shaver Shebang™ into a 500 ml/16 oz bottle or two packets into a 1000ml/32 oz bottle of 91% isopropyl alcohol and shake.

Braun Clean & Renew cleaner cartridge



Refill a used cartridge

First rinse the Braun & Renew® cartridge by adding water and shaking. Drain through the small hole so that particles are not caught in the filter. If available use the original cap to block the large hole. Repeat once. Results will not be perfect, which is perfectly okay.

Fill cartridge no more than 80%-85%. Place cartridge in base and clean the shaver as usual.

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