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As low as $1.31 per Braun Clean & Renew cartridge refill! 4.6 stars from 16 reviews.

Shaver Shebang™ for

Braun Clean & Renew™

Mix one packet with a 16 oz/500 ml bottle of isopropyl alcohol.

Save money! Save the environment! Reuse your old Braun Clean & Renew cartridges.

1 Packet = 3 Cartridges
Shaver Shebang for Braun Clean & Renew shaver cleaner Braun Clean and Renew Cleaner Cartridge shaver cleaner


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Smoother & Cleaner

Don't look forward to shaving? Shaver Shebang makes it better by depositing lubricant on the razor so a small amount is passed to your skin for a smoother shave. Not only is the formula kind to the face, it's all-natural, smells nice and it's environmentally friendly. Shaver Shebang also contains oils to lubricate the shaver for a smoother shave and longer equipment life.

Why is Shaver Shebang the best shaver cleaner on the market? We are experts in self-cleaning shaving systems. We collaberated with chemists at a leading private-label manufacturer of cleaning products to develop the best shaver cleaners available. Shaver Shebang is a better cleaner because unlike Braun Clean & Renew, Shaver Shebang contains natural detergents, so you do not have to rely soley on the scrubbing effect of circulating liquids. You probably will not notice the difference unless system wear and tear (especially seals) reduce the force of the circulation. Contact us if you need help on these issues.

That's the magic of our formula. And don't forget, it's also a huge money saver!

Ingredients: Water, Berry-Based Surfactant Blend (proprietary), Propylene Glycol, Spearmint Essential Oil.

vs Braun Clean & Renew

  Braun Clean & Renew Shaver Shebang for Braun Clean & Renew
Cleans and lubricates Yes Yes
Moisturizes and lubricates the face No Yes
Frequent use for better shaves Expensive Affordable
Environmental impact More Plastic Less Plastic
Made proudly in the USA Made in the USA No Yes


One packet replaces 3 Braun Clean and Renew cartridges.

Mix with Isopropyl Alcohol (Click here for instructions)

Isopropyl Alcohol Mix one packet of Shaver Shebang™ into a 500 ml/16 oz bottle and shake, or two packets into a 1000ml/32 oz bottle of 70% or 91% isopropyl alcohol.

Mix with Water (Click here for instructions)

Shaver Shebang Bottle Mix one packet with a 500 ml/16 oz bottle or two packets with a 1000ml/32 oz bottle. Fill the bottle 3/4 with water. Add Shaver Shebang then fill with water to the top and shake.

Refill a used cartridge (Click here for instructions)

Braun Clean & Renew cleaner cartridge

First rinse the Braun & Renew cartridge by adding water and shaking. Drain through the small hole so that particles are not caught in the filter. If available use the original cap to block the large hole. Repeat once. Results will not be perfect, which is perfectly okay.

Fill cartridge no more than 80%-85%. Place cartridge in base and clean the shaver as usual.

Which is better, alcohol or water? (Click here to learn more)

To duplicate the Braun Clean & Renew experience, use alcohol. Alcohol evaporates, which leaves the razor dry. Shaver Shebang is designed to deposit a little extra lubrication on the razor, so the shave is gently smoother than when using Braun Clean & Renew.

With water, the fluid does not evaporate in most Braun systems (except the few with heat drying), so even more lubrication is left behind. Some customers prefer a wet shave, others a dry shave.

Are you using Braun Clean & Renew unusually fast? A tiny percentage of Braun systems do not work well with water, primarily due to system deterioriation. Braun Clean & Renew masks the defects because it evaporates. These systems can usually be fixed by following the instructions that we posted at this link. The instructions can also help if your shaver is more than 4 or 5 years old and you want to consider improving the seals accessed through the second fix. Braun used to sell replacement kits, but stopped doing so. You can improve the seals by painting on a little FlexiDip or Plasti Dip.

For These Braun Systems

We try to keep the list up to date, but it is possible that not all models are included. If your system uses Braun Clean & Renew cartridges, Shaver Shebang will work. 

Clean & Charge Base Types 5301, 5302, 5325, 5648, 5651

Braun CoolTec

Braun Pulsonic Shaver Series 7 models 795CC-3, 790CC, 790CC-3, 790CC-3, 790CC-4, 790CC-5, 795CC, 795CC-3, 760CC, 760CC-3, 760CC-4, 760CC-5, 765CC, 765CC-4, 765CC-5, 9795, 9785, 9595, 9585, 9575, Types 5671, 5673, 5674, 5692, 5693, 5695

Braun 360 complete Shaver Series 5 models 8995, 8991, 8990, 8987, 8986, 8985, 8975, 8970, 5649, 5647, 5646, 590CC, 570CC, 560, 550, 540

Braun ContourPro Shaver Series 5 models 540, 550, 550CC, 550CC-4, 550s-3, 550s-4, 560s-3, 560s-4, 560, 565CC, 565CC-4, 570CC, 570CC-3, 570CC-4, 590CC-3, 590CC-4, 590CC, 8385, 8374, 8377, Type 5751

Braun Activator Shaver models 5643, 5644, 5645, 8581, 8583, 8585, 8588, 8590, 8595, 8781, 8783, 8785, 8790, 8795

Braun Syncro and Syncro Pro Shaver models 5301, 5491, 5492, 5493, 5494, 7015, 7475, 7493, 7497, 7510, 7511, 7515, 7516, 7520, 7526, 7540, 7546, 7564, 7570, 7630, 7640, 7650, 7664, 7680, 7690, 7763, 7765, 7783, 7785, 7790

Contour models 350CC, 370CC, 390CC, 390CC-1, 5735, 5751, 5790, 5772, 5774, 5895, 5897

Series 3 models 390CC, 390CC-4, 370CC-4, 350CC-4, Type 5411, Type 5412

Braun Flex Integral Shaver models 5441, 5442, 5485

Flex XP shaver models 5691, 5722, 5790, 5791, 5795, 5796

Replaces: Braun Clean & Charge Refill Packs (CCR1, CCR2, CCR3) 

If your system uses Braun Clean & Renew cartridges, Shaver Shebang will work.